Youtube Search Intro Animation After Effects (Demo)

Watch Tutorial Of Youtube search intro animation



Hi Guys! Download ! the file of  Youtube Search Intro Animation. Extract the ZIP file open project file in Adobe After Effects CC 2014 and Above versions. Replace your logo file with example logo and replace texts and add your youtube channel name or link. Replace your website link in Main Composition. Add some music if you like and Render with 1080p Full HD. Use intro in your video projects and Ejoy. Thank You.


Coppy Wiggle Expression.

wiggle (0.5,100)


Coppy Text Style Expression.

delay = .06;
myDelay = delay*textIndex;
t = (time – inPoint) – myDelay;
if (t >= 0){
freq =2;
amplitude = 100;
decay = 8.0;
s = amplitude*Math.cos(freq*t*2*Math.PI)/Math.exp(decay*t);

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